July 24, 2003: conspiracy, the liberty bell, empathy for judaism

my co-worker was at a work event last night where she saw our boss, and he pulled her aside and asked her what was Really up with this stupid thing he wanted me to do that was taking a long time. and she was like, "well, it's a programming thing, i don't know anything about it." and he was like, "if you say so." like it was all part of some conspiracy! or i guess my laziness. which isn't entirely unfair, but it's honestly one of those things i find it hard to care about. i can't even bring myself to describe it here because it's so lame. i'm sure you can relate. but the point is that the boss thinks it's all a big conspiracy. "if you say so," meaning, "if that's what gets you to sleep at night, liar!" how ridiculous.

my aunt is coming into philadelphia this weekend. it should be fun. we'll go look at the old city, but not the liberty bell if i have anything to say about it. the carriage drivers from the other night told us that security is so tight, it's like going to see someone in prison. it seems weird to me that the way they're going to stop terrorists from attacking the liberty bell is to create huge lines of people waiting outside of the liberty bell. i mean, if i were a terrorist, i'd blow myself up in line; i don't care about no damn bell that didn't even work when it was new. the thing is really just a monument to inefficient government spending. speaking of which, we might check out the new constitution center that almost fell on sandra day o'connor. i've heard that they have an exact recreation of the interior of independence hall... across the street from independence hall. what?

exactly one week of work left. it's been going to happen for so long, it seems strange that it's actually going to happen. it's actually very sad, sadder than graduating high school somehow. i guess because i don't know exactly when i'll be back. going away to college, it's just like two months and then it's thanksgiving. where will i spend my next five (american) thanksgivings? it sucks i'm not going to get that off by the way. finally, i know what it's like to be jewish.

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